The Other Bomb

So, deregulation and getting the government off the back of the West Fertilizer Co. didn’t exactly lead to prosperity; perhaps now we can start having a conversation about the difference between free markets and a free for all, because there is one. Perhaps trusting a business owner to not store 270 tons of ammonium nitrate near homes, a school and a nursing home isn’t a good idea, especially when the DHS should have been informed if the plant had anything more than 400 lbs. There are 14 people dead and an entire community has been devastated so it should be clear that I am not trying to score snarky points in an abstract debate but to point out that these snarky debates have very real consequences for people. When the Koch Brothers are paying people to sing the praises of deregulating industries it is important to remember that there are reasons we put the regulations there in the first place.

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