What They Fail to Understand #Rand Paul #Howard University

Rand Paul thinks he is bad at race relations because black people are prejudiced and fails to grasp that he is bad at race relations because he was lying to people who knew better. Seriously, when white conservatives tell each other that they can’t understand why black people aren’t conservatives because Republicans were abolitionists over a century and a half ago, do they really not understand what changed during the civil rights era; namely that it began decades of conscious effort by Republicans to appeal to white racists? How is it possible that biological adults can perform the mental gymnastics that achieve the equivalent of re-believing in Santa Claus? Sadly, that last question is primarily rhetorical because I am all too familiar with conservative doublethink and have come to realize that it is possible for a person to sincerely believe an argument they crafted cynically, which is another way of saying they buy their own bullshit. Senator Paul’s HBU adventure may have originated as part of a calculation of his presidential ambitions, but his reaction to his reception is indicative of his fulsome self-deception.

As to the substance of his complaint; my three professors in African American History were white and no one ever objected to their lectures. For that matter, when I have spoken on the subject I have never been challenged by anyone in my audiences, though I long for such things. The difference is that I don’t try to bullshit my listeners or lie to my readers; my agenda is to spread knowledge so that we can evolve and get the hell off of this rock, not to get people to vote against their best interests or to whitewash the unanswered injustices of history. Now, it is true that there are white people who have strongly objected to things I have written and said, but they were admitted Nazis and avowed racists, so I’m not terribly worried about their opinions. As Senator Paul is sort of a doctor, I hope he will be able to write himself a prescription to get some real good ointment for his butthurt.

On the other hand, he and his colleagues deserve a lot more butthurt.


One Response to “What They Fail to Understand #Rand Paul #Howard University”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Oh yeah. Our African-American lit professor is white, and no one questions her authority on such matters because she totally and completely KNOWS HER SHIT.

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