Abortion, the Right to Privacy and a Federal Gun Registry

Maybe it’s time to consider that it may be possible that the U.S. government isn’t actually murdering its citizens so that it can take their guns? For some this may seem like the hopelessly naive plea of an ignorant innocent whose effeminate liberal soul cannot bear the terrible truths of the world, which is probably why I don’t believe that the United States is suffering the imposition of Sharia Law either. Many have argued that there is there is nothing to be done about guns without destroying all of the freedom, and that a status quo where there were shootings this past weekend where the wielders of the weapons were respectively 6, 4, 3 and 2 years old is what must be accepted rather than have any kind of discussion of legislative reform. Furthermore, conservatives have defanged the ATF and understaffed and underfunded enforcement so that irresponsible gun shops and dealers have been able to flourish, leading to a state where it is easier for anyone to get their hands on more firepower than an infantryman in Vietnam; yet these same conservatives are hysterically paranoid that at any moment their doors are going to be kicked in and their weapons seized by an ATF that let the shop that sold Nancy Lanza her AR-15 stay open despite hundreds of violations over the past few years.

It may seem strange to triangulate gun rights, privacy and abortion, but they are inextricably linked though not in the way some people think. Consider it this way; the people who insist universal background checks could open up the possibility of a national registry which would somehow lead to the government seizing their guns and so the occasional heaps of dead schoolchildren are an acceptable price to pay for our rights also say that government can reach right into a woman’s womb with an ultrasound wand and decide whether or not she should have to carry the product of rape to term because apparently somehow a gestating fetus is exactly the same thing as a living baby now. Many of the people who freaked out about having gun ownership records made public are just fine with publishing the names and addresses of doctors and clinic workers and patients; how can the contents of a gun cabinet be more private than the inside of a womb?

The threat of what happens when safe and legal abortion is not available is far more tangibly demonstrable than what will happen when there are more stringent background checks on firearm purchases. It is baffling that anyone who could think that the world would be made better by restricting access to contraception and abortion would also be made better by unrestricted access to firearms. 3454 Americans have been killed by firearms since the Newtown massacre; the GOP doesn’t even want us to talk about guns and instead wants to find ways to keep access to information, contraception, and abortion out of the hands of Americans. Perhaps it is time for conservatives to stop taking positions simply because they are contrary to reason out of spite for ‘liberals’ and to instead try to sort out a viewpoint that is at least internally consistent with itself.

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