Call It Terrorism/In the Name of Love/requiem for roger #Jezekiah Locust #dr king #bad news #april madness #cinema

Sorry. I’ve had a lot of stuff going on in the realm of the real and haven’t been able to write much, though I have been keeping up with the news, and we are in for a weird April, my friends.

Stefan over at Wonkette pretty much hit it on the head. While the physical evidence remains thin, it is very difficult to believe in coincidences in this case. It is difficult to estimate how great the threat of white supremacist gangs really is, but if a handful of fundamentalist Muslim terrorists were able to shut down air traffic for a week and bring down iconic skyscrapers as well as a wing of the Pentagon, it is unnerving to consider what a handful of determined and demented Aryan Brotherhood types could pull off. That right wing blowhards were able to bully the DHS into not taking action on it’s own intelligence means that the nation is unprepared for this threat.

44 years pass and the President is black but we’re still worried about crazy racists with guns.

RIP Roger Ebert. He was one of the great critics who helped to elevate cinema as an art form. He was a gifted writer and terrifically funny person whose criticism was not only spot on, but often more memorable than its subject. He was a great Chicagoan and wanted to be like Mike Royko. He did speech team. Thanks to teh internets I was able to occasionally exchange comments and thoughts with him, after which I would always feel humbly grateful and fortunate. I have been a fan of his for my entire life and I will miss him; I grieve for his loved ones.
Read this. He wrote it four years ago.

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