we did it your way then #GOP #Iraq #Syria #Listentomenow

So, it looks like a dictator is using chemical WMD’s against his population.
Wouldn’t it be nice if the free nations of the world joined together with the United States to liberate Syria and hunt down the criminals who have been murdering civilians? I mean, here we have a dictator in the Middle East who is committing atrocities, war crimes, and very likely using Weapons of Mass Destruction of the chemical variety, and I don’t hear a single cry from the flock of chickenhawks about Hitler except in regards to comparing him to the President and his supporters. Ten years ago those Important & Serious¬† people told us the Iraqi oil would pay for the war and the most Importantest & Seriousest of them assured the nation that even if our taxpayers were to incur some cost it would be oh so tidy and small and certainly not to be measured in the trillions of dollars. We conducted that war according the principles and policies of the Important & Serious Men, using our precious sons and daughters as well as the mercenaries that the Important & Serious Men said to use. That the mercenaries worked for companies owned by the Important & Serious Men seems too obvious to mention, but there it is. The Important & Serious Men still insist that questioning their wise decisions about the Iraq War is Unserious and a sign of one’s own Unimportance, so shut up.

And don’t as the Iraqis what they think.

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