Sit Down, Mr. LaPierre #NRA #Uncontrolled #Guns

Mr LaPierre delivers yet another oration in which he attempts to make America worse.

There are 2,693 people who are no longer standing, sitting or breathing since the Newton massacre. Some of them are little babies who never had a chance to stand at all. They are all sacrifices to Moloch, the dark god of Wayne LaPierre and his friends who kneel at that bloody altar. Since then I have heard threats, lies, and outright raving insanity from those who think that any kind of gun control is absolutely unacceptable, but I haven’t heard anything that could convince me that these are people that should be heeded any more than the Westboro Baptist Church or PETA.

In the past months I have been accused of being a traitor who wants to see my country overrun by terrorists, a shill for the ‘new world order’ that wants to put American citizens in concentration camps, a socialist who wants to destroy the American economy, and the kind of person that drives people to go shoot up a school. I have also been provided with fabricated facts, imaginary anecdotes, and seen metaphors tortured beyond recognition all in an effort to justify why impotent middle aged fat asses need to be able to liquidate hundreds of people in minutes. If there wasn’t a growing pile of bloody bodies behind it all I would be laughing myself silly.

Instead, my fury simply ticks down into a cold mass heavier than any gun and harder than diamonds. As long as Wayne LaPierre and his ilk continue to stand in their indefensible position, I will remain in mine.

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