Show Me Who You Go With And I’ll Show You Who You Are #CPAC @GOP @Scott Terry @Rush Limbaugh #white guys say the darndest things

Dear White Male Conservatives;

This is the sort of stuff that makes people think you have a problem with women and minorities being treated as equals. That Scott Terry is a 30 year old big boy who can’t understand ‘why we can’t just have segregation’ or can’t handle being ‘corrected by a woman in public’ is as hilarious as a dead clown in a bear trap; that he isn’t the only dipshit who thinks that way is as scary as that dead clown speaking your name as it shuffles to its feet in slow creaking motions.

Now, I understand that people play the game of guilt by association because the fun is that it is crudely unfair, but I don’t wish to do that here regardless of what Grandma Delgado used to say (“Show me who you go with, I’ll show you who  you are” was one of her favorite sayings.) But the problem for all of us is that what people perceive can become the reality regardless of whether it is a fair assessment or not; this sort of distortion is the hallmark of the modern age and will be with us for the foreseeable future. That conservatives have consistently doubled down on their radicalization over the past twenty years hasn’t helped; what passes for political discourse these days is a joke told through a dead clown’s lips as it drags itself after you.

Also, I don’t want to give the impression that Scott Terry’s opinions shock or surprise me in any way; I’ve been all throughout the country including the South and I know how much racism is festering in the hearts of my neighbors and I know how much weak men hate women; I strive to free myself of delusions and so I do not avert my eyes or shut my ears to the world. I do love these haters even I seek to counter their hate and nullify their sin; I seek to educate and enlighten them, not to cast them into the darkness where the dead clown gets closer with every rasping step.

It is fear, after all,  that is at the root of this. If you listen, you hear Scott Terry saying that he is afraid that he is being rendered irrelevant because no one defers to him for being a white man. He sees the world as a zero sum equation where according respect and rights to others somehow diminishes his own. That he is completely wrong is almost beside the point; his fear has overwhelmed his reason as his narcissism has overwhelmed his capacity for empathy. We do not need to waste time debating whether or not he has a point but rather figuring out why so many people agree with him as well as to try and change the tone of our discourse because when the TV People repeatedly shout crazy things, the Crazy People think that their day is here, and that’s a problem for all of us. There’s reasons why it’s bad to engage in demagoguery and anger up the mob, there’s reasons why it’s bad to let racism flourish and to degrade women, there’s reasons why it’s bad to encourage religious bigotry and the persecution of unpopular minorities; ask yourself honestly, how far is Rush Limbaugh from Scott Terry on the spectrum of political thought? How many times has Rush danced right up to where Scott Terry stands and then pirouetted away, calling us humorless feminazis? Despite deriding the ‘Liberal Hollywood Elite’ conservatives have surrendered their honor to entertainers who, despite having no sense of morality or intellectual credibility, have talked this nation into repeated depravities and self-destructive behaviors. My friends, please look closely around the circus you’ve brought your elephant to; I am begging you to notice that the clowns are wearing rotting swastikas and have maggots crawling out of their mouths.


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