Why the R*dsk*ns Need to Change Their Name

This isn’t about being overly sensitive, it’s a matter of respect and pride; the football team of the capitol of this nation uses a slur against its native populace to name their team. There is no way for that to be respectful or for anyone to rightfully be proud of it. It is, in fact, disgraceful and something to be ashamed of.
I have never heard a rational argument for why sports teams should retain the offensively racist names of past eras; they are all the equivalent for arguing for the perpetuation of Jim Crow because ‘it’s tradition’. To fail to understand why it isn’t right to have a sports team using an ethnic slur and cartoonish stereotypes as a mascot is evidence of ones’ own insensitivity and self-absorption.
Regarding ‘the Fighting Irish’: When one understands the history of the discrimination that the Irish faced in the 19th and early 20th Century, it’s clear that their mascot is wearing the slur with pride, as it were. It’s not as if a British soccer team were called the ‘Drunken Micks’ who had a leprechaun who pissed himself at halftime.
As for the concern-troll that their are more important issues such as poverty and alcoholism facing the native community; if getting the name of a football team or college mascot changed is this difficult, what magic wand are you going to provide to erase poverty and disease?
Thanks for writing about this.
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