The sins of the parents #Meleanie Hain #NRA #Gun Control

A picosecond flash of smug schadenfreude burned through me when I saw the headline Gun-toting soccer mom found shot dead as I remembered the interview Meleanie Hain gave to the press when she pulled off her stunt, but that feeling quickly turned to dreadful horror when it became clear that their kids witnessed their father shoot their mother dead before killing himself. Talking about this kind of intensely personal family tragedy in terms of our politics is unpleasant if not ghoulish, yet this is what the gun control debate is about; families and guns and unspeakable tragedy. Meleanie Hain wanted to be part of the debate and a symbol of gun ownership, and so she is, though to be clear, the guilty party here clearly appears to be her husband. In the end, despite being armed and brandishing her gun as freely as she liked she ended up murdered by a person who was supposed to be protecting her. The NRA sticker on the car in their driveway did not make them safer. Her gun did not protect her. Her husband’s gun certainly didn’t.

And now their three orphaned children will live the rest of their lives with that memory.

3 Responses to “The sins of the parents #Meleanie Hain #NRA #Gun Control”

  1. You know this is a story from 2009 right? Not that it detracts from the reprehensible nature of the crime. Still, the husband was a LEO, not to mention he was HER HUSBAND. What more reason would she need to believe she was safe around him. It sounds rather foolish on your part to chide her inability to defend herself, from a man she trusted, with her gun. Not only are you reaching really far with this one, you make yourself out to be arrogant and distasteful to the dead simply because she was a gun advocate. Sad.

  2. Huck,
    I’m Sorry, I hadn’t realized that this was from several years ago. It came up it one of my news feeds, struck me hard, and I just wrote on it while I was feeling hot. I remembered her interviews but this was literally the first I had heard of the crime so it was news to me in any case.
    I do think it is relevant to the argument we’re having at large as a nation, in terms of guns making us safer. Obviously I made my point clumsily if at all.
    I was not faulting her for failing to defend herself but pointing out the irony of the situation being of the kind of proportion you find in Greek tragedy; her only fault was the hubris you find everywhere. I am sorry if I gave the impression that I felt she was somehow to fault for her death as it is very clear that her husband murdered her, and the guilt is all his.
    As always, I appreciate your critique; you keep me honest. I promise my next post will be more thoughtful and considered.

  3. Even though this story is old, it doesn’t detract from the tragedy of those kids. And I don’t think that you made it sound like she was foolish for not being able to defend herself. That’s not what I got from your take on things.

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