Roaring in Like Joe the Lion #GOP #sequester #credibility

David Bowie will make everything better.

So Republicans and their apologists are telling us that the Sequester will be no big deal and that the President is being a big hysterical ninny who is all worried about the economy being damaged because he is a communist from Kenya who hates America.

So, here is a list of other crazy crazy things that I can think of these people have insisted are true. It is surely incomplete and I invite you to add anything you can think of in the comments.

That Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.
That the Iraq War would be over in months and cost no more than a billion dollars.
That wind power is dangerous.
That fossil fuels are limitless.
That there is no such thing as global warming.
That smoking marijuana is more dangerous than crack or heroin.
That smoking tobacco is just fine.
That ketchup is a vegetable.
That the Earth is six thousand years old.
That cutting taxes and regulations on business results in national prosperity.
That our health care system is the greatest in the world and is just fine the way it is.
That schools should be run for profit.
That owning a gun makes you and your family safer.
That racism is over.
That Sarah Palin would be a competent President.
That Max Cleland was an unpatriotic coward.
That Brownie did a heckuva job.
That Rush Limbaugh is a great man.
That Fox News tells it like it is.

2 Responses to “Roaring in Like Joe the Lion #GOP #sequester #credibility”

  1. I was watching CBS This Morning and John McCain was on. He talked about how disgraceful it was that we let it get this far. He shared blame equally among all parties. (Which is as close to a Mea Culpa we’re gonna get from the expert practitioners of Groupthink.)

    I hate it when John McCain makes sense.

  2. I just can’t accept the ‘we’re all equally to blame here’ position when one party is saying ‘let’s compromise’ and the other side prides themselves on their refusal to compromise-it’s an absurd contortion that serves the Republicans by blurring their responsibility for the situation.

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