Not done with guns @NRA #crybabies

Yes, this is an individual who should be armed to the teeth. (But don’t worry, he wasn’t ‘making threats’, just ‘voicing frustrations’.

More than 2,300 Americans have died from a gunshot since the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

Watching sausage get made is thoroughly unpleasant. Especially when one of the guys making sausage starts screaming about castration. While the connection between castration anxiety and the fears of guns owners are comedically obvious, it’s a special moment when the gun nuts just come out and admit it. It’s really just a hair away from ranting about losing your precious bodily fluids to commies.

Well, despite the shrieking threats and curses of those who love stroking the big black barrels of their guns, I remain unconvinced by their ‘arguments’. In fact, although I think things like total bans and confiscations are patently silly notions, I have to admit the more I listen to people like Ted Nugent and Wayne LaPierre shoot their mouths off, the more I kind of want to confiscate their guns and make them watch as we melt them all into a huge sculpture of schoolchildren playing in a peaceful meadow, if only to hear their teeth gnash.

Of course, Ted and Wayne will gnash their teeth and wail like babies regardless of what happens. They’re very useful adults to have around when serious issues need to be addressed in the same way that having a clown caper around in an operating room during surgery is helpful. It’s such a good thing that our media continues to give them so much air time and treat them as if they had important factual information to bring to the debate; otherwise something might be accomplished.

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