guns & mocking Vox Day @NRA @Vox Day

NRA apologists-
If your position is so strong, why are so many lies necessary to shore it up?
While you’re stammering for a response, you can also figure out how to apply ‘guns don’t kill people, people kill people’ to this tragedy in South Carolina. Please explain how that three year old was made safer by having a gun in the house.
This is incredibly funny to me because Vox Day (Theodore Beale) is a hack who takes himself sooooooo seriously; he is a pseudo-intellectual in the mold of Kevin Kline from ‘A Fish Called Wanda’. He is also insufferably libertarian and sexist of the first degree who just can’t seem to understand why women won’t just shut up and peel him a grape; his screeds are unintentionally hilarious and full of such high-karat nuggets of irony such as ‘There is only one way to receive intellectual respect, and that is to earn it‘. A sentence like that coming from a WorldNetDaily columnist with an incredibly stupid haircut is a precious and rare treasure, worthy of study and deep contemplation. Or contempt. It’s one of those.

2 Responses to “guns & mocking Vox Day @NRA @Vox Day”

  1. Winston come on. This is a classic keep your guns locked up and in a safe place ordeal. At 7 the child should have been educated on the firearms that were in the house and that they are never to be touched, and the parents should have never been so irresponsible to leave it there in the first place. The parents killed that child. Plain and simple. Can we legislate good parenting and responsibility too?

  2. […] I am in full agreement with you that the adults in the life of Tmorej Smith are responsible for his death and I believe they are […]

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