Add Me To The List @NRA @Ted Nugent @Boys II Men @Motownphillysbackagain

I wish so hard that I was on the NRA’s enemies list, but I was never in a boy band in the 90’s so I probably don’t qualify. I’ll give the NRA this; at least being a shitty, irrelevant musician whose biggest claim to fame are decades old silly pop songs is not what they are discriminating against. The old adage of how politics make for strange bedfellows is very true, however; for I never saw myself in the year 2013 writing about how cool I think ‘Boys II Men’ is, but here we are. Ted Nugent is whining about how mean Piers Morgan is picking on him, and the NRA has an enemies list with ‘Boys II Men’ on it; definite proof that being a gun nut does not make you cool or tough.

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