Happy Birthday/ I’m So Sorry @NRA @Treyvon Martin @Todd Kincannon

Snow is falling hard here in Chicago today,
the hypnotic motion of the flakes descending
pulling me away from you,
drawing my stare into the colorless swirl of oblivious peace.

Today Treyvon Martin should have turned 18 years old and his parents worst worry should have been whether he was sneaking a hit from a bong. I’m so sorry to say that nstead they have to wait for his killer to face trial and bear insults to their son delivered by ignorant bigots with the moral compass of a sex offender. Todd Kincannon, former executive director of the South Carolina GOP, was exposed by a right wing blogger for texting unsolicited pictures of his penis to women he did not know. A person like Todd Kincannon could make just about anyone feel like they are parading about on a dandy high horse with frilly bows of moral superiority woven into her sparkling mane and tail. I’m so sorry that this story is so often repeated, that so many people of promise who were deeply cherished by their families and communities were stolen from us because our lawmakers have allowed themselves to be bullied by insecure loudmouths.  Treyvon was murdered nearly a year ago and it seems strange now that there should be anything extraordinary about the senseless death of innocents being the subject of ugly mockery and coarse political and racial mudslinging. I’m so sorry.

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