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So, should we arm all school bus drivers?
Or is that what the first shot of the revolution sounds like?
Yesterday’s hearing on gun control underscores that the arguments of our opponents are incoherent and contradictory when they are not being cynically dishonest; it is clear that they are not interested in listening. However, as a practiced active listener, I can assure them that I’ve heard them loud and clear and am aware of how close to the edge some of them are getting.

There’s been a shooting at a middle school in Atlanta as I am writing this.

Although we don’t and may never know why Jimmy Lee Dykes shot a school bus driver and kidnapped a boy of 5 or 6 years of age, it is known that he was due in court yesterday on charges that he threatened neighbors with a gun as they drove past his home. It is not difficult to see this situation as a metaphor for the larger issue of guns America. Jimmy Lee Dykes is a twisted old paranoid man holding an innocent child hostage so that he can keep his guns that he threatens his neighbors with; I don’t see him much differently than Wayne La Pierre.

There have been over 1471 Americans killed by firearms since the Sandy Hook massacre.

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