Heckling the Parents of Murdered Children is a Poor Exercise of the First Amendment @NRA @2nd Amendment

Dear Gun Fetishists;

The way you have been displaying your extreme enthusiasm for your firearms indicates that you lack shame or common decency, much less any capacity for civilized discourse. Screaming hysterically that you and your fat pussy friends are the only thing standing between us and tyranny would be hilarious if the body count that your demented fetish demands wasn’t so high.You are not patriots, good citizens, or heroes of any kind. Your delusions do not provide a thread of cover; you are a naked, mewling weakling in my eyes.


Winston Delgado
The Furious Buddha

3 Responses to “Heckling the Parents of Murdered Children is a Poor Exercise of the First Amendment @NRA @2nd Amendment”

  1. I read something about the clips being contextually edited. Will take a look and provide links when I get home.

  2. http://www.slate.com/blogs/the_slatest/2013/01/29/neil_heslin_father_of_slain_6_year_old_jesse_lewis_heckled_by_gun_rights.html

    Yeah, there’s people saying that ‘heckling’ is too strong a word, and they may have a point; however, when I think about the squawking that conservatives made about the Dixie Chicks or Code Pink and their antics, I wonder where the outrage over breached decorum is these days…

  3. Watched the full video here, doesn’t appear to be an outrage. A media agenda on the other hand? (Please don’t call me Rush, or Hannity) They love to pump the deception.


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