When You’re Stupid, You Do Stupid Things @Cathrynn Brown @LadiesAgainstWomen @absolutism

The title of this post is a quote from the immortal Ozzy Osbourne, and it is a true thing.

Here we have NM state representative Cathrynn Brown writing a law to keep rape victims from aborting the product of rape by convicting the victim of a felony. That a woman is introducing this legislation underlines how the absolutism of the anti-abortion movement requires a person to freeze their moral compass into a single position that points at nothing but fetuses. How vicious is the love that feels only compassion for aggregated cell clusters but nothing for living, breathing humans? The fetishization of the fetus is a truly unfortunate side effect of the politicization of Evangelical Christians; in order to mobilize Evangelicals as a political force, right wing leaders have distorted their ethical lens beyond any capacity for clear sight.

Ah. It appears that Cathrynn Brown is ‘horrified’ by her own actions. Good for her.

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