Hillary Schools the GOP @GOP @Benghazi @Rand Paul @Rand Paul 2016 @gettingwhatyouaskedfor

You know, the Benghazi thing worked much better for the GOP when they are the only people talking about it. Especially when the people doing the talking are Rand Paul, one of the least accomplished people to ever hold a seat in the US Senate. Listening to him fantasize about how he would have fired her if her was President was hoot #1.
I really, really hope he runs in 2016.
It’s funny, without the election as a backdrop how GOP petty politicking looks just like petty politicking.

2 Responses to “Hillary Schools the GOP @GOP @Benghazi @Rand Paul @Rand Paul 2016 @gettingwhatyouaskedfor”

  1. Senators Rand Paul and Ron Johnson showed colossal arrogance and narcissism in their attitude and questions during the hearing and their reactions after it was over. Yes, it is important to find out what lapses occurred which caused the death of 4 Americans. But to imply that Secretary Clinton did anything but her utmost to protect the Americans in Benghazi is scandalous and outrageous. It is an outrage that an event which culminated in flag-draped coffins being unloaded from a C-17 would be used for political theatre.

    Often, I criticize my fellow liberals’ exaggerations when they unfairly criticize the GOP by using caricature and hyperbole. I always try to emphasize that they simply have a fundamentally different view of the world and the role of government. But what we saw from them in this hearing makes me wonder if that is an overly charitable attitude toward Republicans. It certainly is for these two.

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