Gun Apprectiation Day Was A Real Blast @NRA

5 Different People Shot At 3 Different Gun Shows on Gun Appreciation Day.

That kind of blows a hole in the whole ‘guns make everyone safe’ theory.
Or you could say that argument had its horse shot out from under it.
Or that the gun nuts shot themselves in the foot.
I could go on.

Here we have a Democratic state lawmaker proving that Republicans do not have a monopoly on crazy stupidity. Yeah, it’s a good thing that guy was carrying a handgun; it made everyone safer.

Then there’s this genius.

And this just in: Nothing to laugh at here. Five dead, three of them children, shot by a fifteen year old in Albuquerque.
This will bring the death from guns in America since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre to at least 1073. 19 children under 12 have been killed since 2o children were murdered in Newtown on December 14th.

That is the status quo that people are fighting to keep.

(Thanks to Mrs Mayweather for the tip)

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