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Julia’s father is a sweet older guy; although he is quite ill, he is not a raving lunatic on the side of the road. However, he does embrace delusional thinking; he avidly believes that aliens and the government are in collusion to manipulate the human race into a new world order. He embraces conspiracies that directly contradict each other or are at the least completely incompatible, such as that the Moon landings were a hoax and that lizard aliens have infiltrated every level of government and other human institutions; he has explained to me that humans don’t really have the technology to traverse the distance to the Moon and minutes later that space lizards have provided the government with advanced technology such as computer chips. My conversational tactic is to try and steer the topic to places of agreement; as he is in ill health I have no desire to anger up his blood.

The problem with conspiracy theories is sort of like the problem with having an eating disorder; the anorexic has a distorted view of reality that rejects all evidence that contradicts their belief and only accepts evidence that confirms their erroneous belief. Although there are certainly powerful biological components to mental illnesses such as anorexia and depression, there is a philosophical component as well, in that the sufferer tends to think in absolute terms with little regard for the many shades of gray between black and white. The conspiracy theorist tends to be suffering from this sort of philosophical illness even if they have no biological manifestation, but the resulting erroneous beliefs can be just as powerful; whereas the anorexic starves themselves to death, the conspiracist isolates themselves from reality.

Absolutes produce paradoxes; since paradoxes are impossible, absolutes cannot exist.* Therefore, there are no ‘ideals’, or ‘perfection’ to be found anywhere in the world, not even as mental constructs. Gödel’s Incompleteness Theorem demonstrates this; it is the idea that no system of mathematics can actually contain all of reality within itself and remain consistent. The point is that the world is immeasurably more complex than any of us can imagine and that the absolutes required to make most conspiracies true cannot exist; let alone that most conspiracy theories require that Occam’s Razor never be applied lest they be shredded to ribbons. Conversely, these same principles are why orthodox thinking and conventional wisdom are neither thoughtful or wise.

In other words, it’s good to question authority, but if authority is just minding it’s own business and you start asking it questions like ‘Did you stop beating your wife?’ you will find that is not a good way to go about it. The difference between being a genius and being a crank is the ability to realize that one isn’t right simply because they feel very strongly about something; a sense of certainty in itself doesn’t mean anything. The essence of being wrong is believing that one is correct when one is mistaken; this seems obvious to everyone except for the person who is mistaken. Every genius and crank I have encountered were so very similar and shared the most essential characteristic of intelligence, which is a questioning curiosity; what makes the cranks failed geniuses is that the cranks would never let go of a cherished belief and instead would turn their intelligence upon itself and form elaborate rationalizations for why certain questions and evidence should be ignored and in doing so fashioned a tiny cell around themselves that they believed was the whole world.

That the the media encourages this kind of thinking is a matter of it being profitable; lots of people watch ‘documentaries’ about the Mayan Apocalypse and ancient alien ghost hunters and that Honey Boo Boo is a hit for The Learning Channel is irony thicker than flour and lard soaked in butter. This is not a complaint about our culture but an observation that if a person wishes to deep fry themselves in bullshit and seal themselves in a crispy coating of toxic ignorance it is not that difficult. It is much easier to watch television programs than to read books. And of course there are those that exploit these nuggets spiritually, economically, and politically.

Then there are the Sandy Hook Massacre ‘Truthers’ who have the moral standing of the Westboro Baptist Church, the ethical equivalency of a necrophiliac pedophile, and the intellectual wattage of a goldfish. The ragged souls of the people who are harassing Gene Rosen must be ugly places of bleak despair and pointless cruelty that they can’t help but share; the frustrated rage of their suffering must be immense to be reaching through the bars of their personal hell to slash so ferociously at this man. May God forgive them.

*There are significant theological implications to this statement that I will explore in a separate post.

2 Responses to “Conspiracy @truthers @Sandy Hook @alex jones @new world order @space lizards”

  1. Don’t get me started on those crazy conspiracy theorists!

    My neighbour believes the human race is controlled by a man with a beard who lives on a cloud who is the embodiment of love despite the fact that he supposedly raped a woman 2000 years ago, got her pregnant and then 30 years later watched his own son get crucified, before bringing him back from the dead and beaming him up into space……. She actually believes all of this!

    She also believed in that crazy conspiracy theory doing the rounds a few years ago…. you know the theory about Saddam Hussein conspiring with his military to manufacture and hide WMD’s and use them to launch an attack against the west.

    I kept asking her “Where’s the *evidence* for this conspiracy theory!??” but she wasn’t having any of it. Like the rest of her gang of crackpot conspiracy nutters she was so paranoid she actually wanted to send her own children overseas to Iraq to start shooting the place up.

    And years later, after a million people were brutally murdered and tortured and the whole conspiracy theory was proven to be a load of nonsense she STILL won’t admit she was in the wrong.

    Honestly – what are these people like!?

    The other day I caught her fondling my children’s crotches. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!!!!” I yelled.

    “Just checking for bombs” she said without a shred of embarrassment or shame. I told her to get her bloody hands of my children and stay the hell away from our family.

    I truly despair at times… She gets it all from the television. She spends hours every evening just staring at it. It’s so sad really.

  2. What seriously influenced you to create “Conspiracy @truthers @Sandy Hook @alex jones @new world order @space lizards Teahouse of the Furious Buddha”?
    I personallyseriously enjoyed the blog post! I appreciate it ,Hassan

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