Troll Kibble @Nathan Moyar @Midwest Patriot Militia @Sock Puppets @arguing with lunatics is an interesting hobby

Dear Doctor Christopher Not Nathan Moyer;

You really, really need to read this. It’s from about five years ago. Even the terrifically dense ignorance field you have surrounded yourself with should be penetrable to this; think of it as depleted uranium ammunition. Hopefully it will reach you.

If not, you can continue to make a titanic ass of yourself; it’s nothing we haven’t seen before. Quite frankly, I’m enjoying it. Lily feels bad for you, but I think you’re an asshole with an enormous ego and I’m so glad that I bruised it as badly as I have. Since the Sandy Hook shootings I’ve really wanted to let Sarcasticus slip it’s leash against a deserving target, and your tremendous head has provided me with ample practice. I can’t help but admit that slicing your delusions of grandeur to pieces has been richly satisfying if not an exercise in asymmetrical warfare; after all, you only have your stupid guns and I have a flaming sword between my teeth.

Winston (Dr Slappy) Delgado


14 Responses to “Troll Kibble @Nathan Moyar @Midwest Patriot Militia @Sock Puppets @arguing with lunatics is an interesting hobby”

  1. everyone: we have succeeded, we have hurt this fool so much he’s spent hours upon hours upon hours to create blog after blog after blog. Now we are winning the gun war with great success and people as him are so obviously losing miserably which also fuels his anger, not to mention we all used federal laws, state laws, proven facts (not internet sourced private websites of morons ramblings as he has) goverment resourse’s, historicaly famous quotes by presidents ect. We have won with great victory just as we won against congress’s legislature both times they tried to steal our guns and the district court hearing to throw away the concealed carry ban in illinois and vermont is making a law to fine non gun owners $500 a year for the extra police effort.

  2. not to mention senators have declared they will begin the impeachment process if obama signs an executive order….success, bath in it my friends, bath in your victories against tyrants and communists. With that said lets take furious butt licker’s advice and not feed the troll that he is and slowly kill him with our silence by not posting one more statement on his blog. This will be the icing on the cake. He lives at home with mommy lets not give him the excitement and entertainment he requires shall we……and BEGIN.

  3. How dumb do you have to be to misspell an abbreviation?

  4. Yeah, weird to see such vehemence and so many sources sighted along with such poor spelling and use of grammar.

    “Making for grate overthrough of liberalized commie-nist ok-u-pa-shun. To happy sucksess make for all patriot ie, Go Amerika!”

    There are many who appreciate without posting, just thought I’d say thanks. Thanks Winston. Bath in it!

  5. Nathan Moyer Says:

    Men the times have come for Christ to return and we will make sure that these demons go back to the abyss from whence they came! The Good Book for told all these events down to Sandy Hook!!!! I have nealt before his alter and sworn to defend my rights and to fight the devil on every front and this man is a demon! I have dealt with these kinds before and know that they will try to tempt you!!! Do not listen to his character assassinations!!! We need to pick up our crosses bibles and shotguns and do the LORDS WORK!!! They want to take our guns so they can disarm Gods people and do the devils work!! Its the same as they done did down in Israel with the Jews!!

  6. […] The genie is out of the bottle on this kind of technology, though, and once the 3d printer becomes commonplace, we are going to have a whole new kind of armaments issue to deal with. It’s why it’s a good idea to try and change the culture now before it is far too late, and by ‘change the culture’, I don’t mean get rid of guns, because I fully understand and accept the reality of their proliferation. What I want is to move the culture closer to where people like you and Kenny are, where guns are respected as a very dangerous and important tool that are not to be treated recklessly and require disciplined responsibility to wield. Not something to drunkenly wave around in a deranged tantrum. […]

  7. These ARE trolls right?

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  9. That was not a troll. That was a spambot.
    Sometimes I wish I could type phrases like that to 1996 just to watch their eyebrows crinkle.

  10. […] or less in his sheath lately because I’ve been fighting the good fight in different ways; making racist trolls cry uncle is fun but it doesn’t make enough of a difference in the big picture. Instead, I’ve been […]

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