When Reality Won’t Conform To Your Crazy Theories @NRA

Oh look, an unarmed teacher stopped a school shooting without anyone actually getting killed. It helped that the shooter was armed with a shotgun as opposed to an assault rifle. Very soon the NRA and their many apologists will be explaining to us how this limp-wristed, America-hating, union thug was actually an Al Qaida terrorist who is part of a conspiracy to take away your precious, precious guns.

Of course, just because someone is a teacher that does not mean they are wise and guided by reason, in the same way that being a sheriff doesn’t mean that person is going to do things that make their community safer, or that if someone is a lawmaker, they are going to make lawful laws. But then, being a former police chief and CEO of two companies that train officers in using firearms doesn’t stop one from making lunatic threats to start killing people, which, incidentally, is an excellent way to convince us that there is absolutely no need to enact any kind of controls on guns.



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