According to wordpress, this is the 700th post to this blog.
Today is also the day when the 700th American since the Sandy Hook Elementary massacre will die of gunfire. The number as of this morning is 695, but with an average between 24 and 25 people a day dying as a result of gunfire, the odds are that by the time you read this that terrible milepost will be past.

I’ve said before that I’m not shutting up about this anytime soon, and that is a vow I’m going to keep. The NRA is doubling down on their madness, refusing to even allow guns that have been voluntarily surrendered to be destroyed; this sort of a devotion to a fetish can only be described as pathological, and it is a threat to the health of us all.

Last night I held Julia’s son and sang him to sleep; lullaby time is my favorite, those minutes, in fact, among the most precious moments I have lived on this Earth. It is difficult to express the complex and powerful feelings I experience other than to say that what I thought was love and joy before I met Baby Tony turned out to be premonitions of the real thing. In the past weeks events have forced me to contemplate the unimaginable and think unthinkable thoughts about what the loss of the most precious person in the world to the careless violence of our mad world might feel like, and my mind reeled around a void. Knowing that countless souls have been hurled into that terrifying despair over 700 times in the past twenty seven days is unacceptable, except that it is an undeniable fact.
700 undeniable facts.

3 Responses to “700”

  1. Not calling you out but what’s the source on the stats? I’ve seen a lot of stats in the last few weeks. It’s funny how varied the statistics on gun violence are.

    F this debate.

    Oh, please write an unapologetic, scathing, detache on the avenue that Wyoming is taking. (This isn’t sarcasm, you are probably the best name caller of the 21st century, and Wyoming is an easy target)

    Yours truly,

  2. Huck,
    If you follow the link to the page over at Slate, you can see the sources on the numbers, which are all cited. Every one I cross-checked was legit, but by no means did I check all (as of this moment) 734 entries. As always, I absolutely appreciate and welcome contrary opinion, questions, and critique; it is so much more interesting and productive than back-slapping, aren’t we all neato bullshit that is so easy to wallow in.

    At this point, we’re not having a debate. We’re watching a meltdown and making plans for what to do when the tantrum has passed, and keeping out a sharp eye for any desperate craziness. That is different from a debate in so many ways that I don’t even know where to begin. But you’re right; f this noise.

    Rep Kroeker has excreted quite a pile of legislation over in Wyoming, I must say. It’s a special achievement.

    Your friend,

    • Jessicalovesherboy Says:

      imagine that, the guy who claims to be lagit is also a bully telling people they have a tiny penis to push his crooked views

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