Emotionless Numbers @NRA

In the three weeks since the Newtown massacre, 588 people have been killed by gunfire in the US.
Follow the link. Look at the graphic.
The apologists for Moloch are telling us to not get caught up in emotion, despite being out of their minds with frothing fear and rage. These quislings for death throw up their hands and tell us that if we were wise, we would see that there is absolutely nothing that can be done to stop large groups of our children from being slaughtered by a deranged individual with a high powered assault rifle. People with absolutely no consideration for civil or human rights when it comes to women or children or even the disabled find themselves shrieking for the ACLU when they worry about big meanies hurting the poor, poor defenseless guns.

Yeah, I won’t be shutting up about this anytime soon.


2 Responses to “Emotionless Numbers @NRA”

  1. Winston,
    Don’t shut up any time soon.

  2. Jessicalovesherboy Says:

    as long as he feels as pathetic as he is he’ll never shut up insulting people to push his way on them

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