Breaking News: Moron Punched

Many many years ago when I was a Dungeon Master, I developed a zero-level spell that all players could invoke when they were frustrated that I named ‘Detect Obvious’; it functioned by the player saying I ‘detect obvious’ and me pointing out the obvious thing that they were refusing to take hints about. Clearly, there are people who desperately need this kind of magic in their everyday lives. Take the right wing pundits who are tying themselves in knots over Steven Crowder being roughed up at the hands of pro-union protestors. Lord knows, they cheer when Ann Coulter talks about the need to physically intimidate liberals by making them realize they can be killed, so the outrage seems particularly plastic to me.

Shockingly, when people perceive that they are having their livelihoods messed with by a confederacy of corporate elitists, they get defensive; or to put it more succinctly, if one pokes someone one should not be surprised when they poke back. When we invoke the power of Detect Obvious we realize that Crowder was trying to provoke just such a reaction and that the footage he is peddling of the event has been edited to exclude pretty much everything except the ass kicking that Crowder begged for like a masochist.

Whenever right wing ‘journalist/entertainers/clowns’ such as James O’Keefe or Andrew Breitbart get caught in shenanigans their apologists begin stammering Michael Moore’s name repeatedly and allege that there is no difference between Moore’s muckraking and the ‘journalism’ of say, Matt Drudge, who apparently has noticed that nobody cares about him at all anymore and is lashing out for attention.  But here’s the thing about Moore; his right wing critics frequently accuse him of distortions and lies, but  they never are able to provide specifics, and when they do, they are wrong. And I think the most telling thing is that the criticisms about Moore mostly consists of angry accusations of lies and personal attacks whereas people like O’Keefe are obviously engaging in fraud.

Violence is wrong, especially in political debate, and the men who struck Crowder behaved poorly to say the least. But Crowder clearly and admittedly was trying to provoke and in this case, the concept of fighting words probably applies. Freedom of Speech does not include freedom from consequences as many a left winger has learned the hard way over the years, Lord knows.

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