Global Warming is a Myth! And Let’s Get Rid of FEMA!!!

IF the title of this post is something you agree with, then you are qualified to be a Republican politician and not much else. So much of the noise over the past several years has been the right accusing the left of abetting the evils of socialism by coddling public sector employees who are parasitic takers looting the glorious makers of their birthrights; so much of the rights’ ideology centers around the denial of science, especially the notion that there could be any climatic consequence from dumping utterly unprecedented amounts of carbon into the atmosphere; so much of the bullshit clogging our discourse should have been washed away by this storm but it may take a few days to tell.

The 21st Century is going to present challenges our forefathers could not foresee yet the marvelous invention of self-government they bestowed upon us will enable us to meet them. This is not the time for the selfish panic of every man for himself or the heedless neglect of our infrastructure; this is not the time for dollar-foolish pennypinching that leaves us unprepared and overwhelmed in the storm. this is not the time to listen to the rich sons of rich fathers try to out blow a hurricane or to this asshat (I mean, really? Come on!).

Here’s how you can help through the Red Cross.
PS (Some Pop Culture News is to Big to Ignore) Maybe I should dust this off?



One Response to “Global Warming is a Myth! And Let’s Get Rid of FEMA!!!”

  1. s grain consumption increased by 36,280,000 tonnes (40 million tons).
    Although everyone thought that their city or world would cease to exist,
    that was not the actuality. Mining and processing the oil sands wreaks havoc on the environment.

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