The Confederacy of Dunces is on the Rise

I have not watched either of the debates because my hands are full with work and life. Besides, I am a decidedly decided voter who could only be persuaded to vote for the GOP by arguments that this incarnation of the party is completely incapable of making. The mendacious lies and empty rhetoric coming from the right wing is a noisy static of confused rage; every person I encounter who seems enthusiastic about the idea of Mitt Romney becoming President of the United States either has no idea of what they are talking about or can barely cover their naked racism. Here is a Venn Diagram to illustrate my point:

The problem is that there are so many grown ups who steadfastly believe patently untrue things that our collective unconsciousness is becoming tainted and rational political dialogue has disintegrated. For example, four years ago the global economy was in a free fall after eight years of GOP control of the federal government, and since then entire industries have recovered and the wealthiest Americans have increased their personal fortunes immensely. President Obama is, to any remotely objective observer, one of the most moderate politicians to hold the office in the post war era and has been very friendly to business, passing even fewer regulations than the Bush Administration. Yet in the minds of many Americans he is a a socialist hell bent on redistributing the nations wealth into the coffers of the Third World. This is why I don’t really enjoy political conversation anymore because talking to people who agree with me is boring and talking to people who disagree with me is like trying to talk a coke fiend out of doing more coke when they are locked in a vault full of cocaine. If I’m going to waste my breath it may as well be with laughter instead of shouting.

One Response to “The Confederacy of Dunces is on the Rise”

  1. I could not have said it better: like “trying to talk a coke fiend out of doing more coke when they are locked in a vault full of cocaine.”

    I have passed on the debates as my ability to ignore ignorance lessens with each passing year, and I know that I would have spent the entire time yelling at the television, as if that would help.

    Your points are spot on.

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