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I realized today I haven’t posted in nearly a month. I’ve been busy and working on writing off web, but I miss you guys. So here’s a book, an album, and a television series that I have recently encountered and enjoyed immensely; I recommend them most strongly for your enjoyment.

The Clockwork Man, by William Jablonsky, is one of the best epistolary novels I’ve ever read. I have always enjoyed the technique of storytelling through a diary or letters, but often the conceit is forced and the story would be better served by straightforward prose; in this case, I could not imagine the desire to have the story told any other way. Through his diary, Ernst Gruber relates the strange tale of his life as a mechanical man that renders his joy and heartbreak in fine detail. It is a fully realized portrait of the soul of a machine filled with far more humanity than many diaries kept by living humans. I have been haunted by Ernst and the people he knew ever since I set the book down; I will revisit its pages, which is the highest praise I can give any literature.

Animal Collectives’, Centipede Hz, is just a great rock and roll album; that is to say, not a great collection of songs, but an album. Its not that one has to listen to it unshuffled, it’s just better that way. At moments it recalled the best prog-rock of Genesis or Yes, and in the next, the best punk of the Clash or the Ramones, or like if Radiohead got in a car accident while playing the Beach Boys ‘Pet Sounds’. I’ve pretty much listened to it every day for a couple of weeks and frequently find myself humming the tunes and rocking out in my head. Give it a chance.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret is so full of funny it hurts. When I found the first season on Netflix while babysitting at Doctor Girlfriends place it was like finding a diamond in the litterbox. The gloriously dark ending of the series in the second season is one of my favorite television episodes ever. If you were a fan of ‘Arrested Development’ or ‘Mr Show’ or anything at all funny you need to see this. There are only twelve episodes and that is all there will ever be, so it won’t take long to enjoy.

I promise to not be a stranger.
My unlimited love to y’all.

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