Come On, Tell Us What You Really Think

One of the upsides of the conservative backlash of the Obama era is that it has brought a resurgence is the kind of cartoon conservative ignorance as subtle as the Frank Burns character in M*A*S*H*, except that it is real actual people displaying their complete misunderstanding of the world they are trying to change. It would be funny if they weren’t trying to change the society we live in; no, it would be fuckin’ balls to the wall hilarious that a grown ass man doesn’t understand how buh-ginas work and then made it clear in a television interview… …if David Cross was pretending to be him and he wasn’t an actual candidate for the US Senate. And then the assholes start defending him, and some twats start talking about the bright side of rape, and I cringe at what could happen next.

I guess that what happens next is that we find out that the courage it takes to slander rape victims for the greater glory of restricting a woman’s access to health care and cheap political points doesn’t cover defending your position.

I don’t even know… I mean, there’s so much I could say; there’s the whole issue of how people think lying and manipulating facts to win an argument makes them right, which is totally incomprehensible to me. It’s like a child who insists on changing the rules of every game to make themselves win, except that these are adults seeking to be our policymakers. I mean, this isn’t a gaffe, it’s a window into the mind of the lunatics who keep grabbing for the controls as the train continues barreling towards the end of the line.

One Response to “Come On, Tell Us What You Really Think”

  1. Oh I loved your Frank Burns’ reference. It’s perfect: clueless absolutes.

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