Corporations are people, but Mitt Romney is not a business.

Just want to be sure we’re all clear on this-

-it is a-ok for Republicans to keep carrying on about President Obama’s birth certificate and to search every record and anecdotal encounter he’s ever had for ‘evidence’ of his non-citizenship or radical Muslim socialist communist fascist baby-murdering agenda that is completely non-evident to any reasonable observer,

but Mitt Romney won’t release a tax return from a few years ago.


4 Responses to “Corporations are people, but Mitt Romney is not a business.”

  1. I’d like to hear where the information came from. But I’d also like to see the tax return to back up Romney’s claim of falsehood. Unfortunately, I think it’s one of those “won’t negotiate with terrorists” type deals, Obama won’t pony up a birth certificate because it means he’s listening to the loonies. Romney won’t pony up his tax return because it could be a perceived weakness.

    I’d also love to see a new four pinocchio ad run every day from now until November. Sarcasm.

    Why do we even try with any of these people?

  2. Huck,

    Because we live under a system wherein clowns, demagogues, and entertainers are the only ones who can win primaries. In a more perfect world this election would probably be Bill Richardson vs. Jon Huntsman or some such, but the person who would probably be the best actual executive cannot win. Winston: to try to answer your question: evading taxes isn’t sexy. Being a secret foreign Muslim who hates America and has infiltrated it at the highest level to destroy it from within…is.

    • At this point I’m willing to go as far as saying that it doesn’t matter which side of the 50 yard line you’re on, the whole damn field smells like bullshit.

      Pardon my freedom. I mean French.

  3. Did you see The Daily Show’s bit on firing states for incompetence? Perfect metaphor.

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