Why Are White Supremacists Always Such Inferior People?

It’s sort of a question that answers itself really, and Kenny is surely already preparing to take me to task for talking about anyone being ‘inferior’, but seeing this sack of protoplasm standing proud in front of a Nazi flag pushed the question into the forefront of my mind. The slaughter at the Sikh Temple in Milwaukee was an act of terrorism by Western Civilizations version of the Taliban; even if no accomplice is ever found, the blood is on the hands of those who are high fiving each other for the final ‘accomplishment’ of the sad pointless life of Wade Michael Page. According to CNN and several other sources Page was a regular poster at Stormfront, a site I am all too familiar with; something I wrote a long time ago apparently stuck in someone’s craw, and there was a ‘private forum’ there that linked to my blog and sent me a lot of traffic and some very stupid comments full of weird threats and spelling errors. The thing is, good spelling and social skills aren’t requirements for arsonists and assassins.

Speaking of comments, I was thinking about how to answer these when I read the news about Milwaukee.
It is all very complicated; freedom and free speech and guns and liberties and rights can all collide into an ugly mess.
I know that we are wasting our freedom of the press when we keep pointing microphones and cameras at the most ignorant loudmouths we can find.

Of course, I do not think that white supremacists are actually inferior people; rather, they have a dysfunctional culture and therefore it could be said they have an inferior culture, as Mitt Romney might put it. Certainly, it is arguable that Nazi culture is inferior when one uses Nazi ideas of superiority and inferiority for viewing the world; the Nazis were murdering thieves who wove elaborate rationalizations and justifications for their crimes and were completely annihilated in a war of their own making. It is a failed philosophy that tried to dress up madness and murder in the clothing of civilization. It seems such an obvious thing to have to explain, but there are seven dead innocents and countless lives forever scarred because a 40 year old man couldn’t grasp such a simple idea; it is understandable why ignorant adolescents become infatuated with the trappings of evil, and ironically, embrace neo fascism as part of their anti authoritarian rebellion, but for grown ass men to run around thinking that trying to instigate some kind of race war is a good idea is something else entirely.

Avowed racists aren’t known to be particularly reflective and thoughtful or prone to change, but it happens, and thanks to the traffic I get from Stormfront, I know that there’s a good chance that avowed racists will read these words. I know that you certainly think of yourself as being good people; everyone likes to, even the humble among us will say that they are trying to be good people and even the total bastards who are proud to be total bastards still think that they are somehow justified, which is what actually makes them total bastards. Even though I mentioned earlier that there are people who are pleased with the murders in Milwaukee, there are those who feel that he was a maniac who has done great damage to the ‘movement’. I am presuming that if you came here from Stormfront and read this far you probably agree with the latter, which means that I want you to consider this question: Don’t the murderous and suicidal acts of Wade Michael Page embody the same pattern of all the great fascists? How is it possible that there can be any truly fascist movement that doesn’t end up with a body count and the destruction of the fascist organization by the forces of civilization? Has fascism ever been anything but a death cult that consumes itself? I have nothing to offer you but questions to you, and I hope you can find the answers.
This is an excellent radio broadcast on the subject.

My prayers and love to all victims of violence.
Here is some Sikh scripture…
If a man sings of God and hears of Him,
And lets love of God sprout within him,
All his sorrows shall vanish,
And in his mind, God will bestow abiding peace.

Sikhism. Adi Granth, Japuji 5, M.1, p. 2

Should anyone be victim of great anxiety, his body racked with maladies,
Beset with problems of home and family, With pleasure and pain
alternating, Wandering in all four directions without peace or rest–
Should he then contemplate the Supreme Being, Peaceful shall his mind and
body become.

Sikhism. Adi Granth, Sri Raga, M.5, p. 70

Now is the gracious Lord’s ordinance promulgated,
No one shall cause another pain or injury;
All mankind shall live in peace together,
Under a shield of administrative benevolence.

Sikhism. Adi Granth, Sri Raga, M.5, p. 74

4 Responses to “Why Are White Supremacists Always Such Inferior People?”

  1. I was going to take you to task for that comment, but I just dont have the energy; I’m just too sad. Another tragedy. This one made even more senseless because it was a hate crime against a religion with a central tenet of pacifism.

    Thanks for the Scripture. It was as helpful as it was beautiful.

  2. Freakily, I know that place. I used to drive past it almost every day. I’m pretty sure I lived next door to some of them. I’m terribly saddened by this, because in all the time I lived there (two minutes from Oak Creek), I never would have expected this.

  3. Actually, that does seem pretty regular-there wasn’t much in this guys life that was stable if you look at it, and so to be involved there over the course of four years is, especially in terms of teh internets, to be very loyal. It’s where he went to publicize his band. Also, I know from experience that becoming a poster at Stormfront isn’t a casual process; they have an effective member screen. Of the over 130,000 members at the site, only about 20,000 become posters. Also, there are the charming tattoos; he has the same one that Stormfront uses as a logo. See, he’s only doing what the members there fantasize and fwap about, but they recoil in horror because they’re really mostly just poseurs who like to play dress up and massage their hate gland. While it is understandable for the white supremacist ‘community’ to feign outrage at being associated with one of their own, it doesn’t make it any less cowardly and despicable.

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