Batman, if only…

My father doesn’t care for the Nolan ‘Batman’ movies, and his angry critique of ‘Dark Knight’ was actually the best I’ve heard from anyone.
‘Batman is supposed to be for kids! Not for overgrown children who don’t know how to let go of their toys! It’s too dark and violent!!’

I don’t know exactly why his voice echoed through my head this morning when I saw the news about the horror in Colorado, but I can’t help but feel he’s on to something.

Right now there are people suffering incomprehensible grief and  irrevocable loss because of an armed madman who stormed a movie theater full of families and kids who went to watch a movie about Batman and I wish there was some comfort I could give them.

In a bit I’ll write about guns and social services. Next week I’ll write about ‘The Dark Knight Rises’.

I had already planned to take a small group of my younger brothers and sisters to the movie today for the matinee, so I spent the afternoon watching the Dark Knight Rises with them. We talked a bit about what happened in Colorado and their mood was subdued enough that they didn’t gorge themselves on popcorn and candy, but they enjoyed the movie and so did I. We stepped into the light of a beautiful day, blinking and laughing with joyful camaraderie. The folks I was with were familiar with grief and loss, but they also know about fighting for survival and bearing the burden of suffering, and they have greater strength than any superhero. Life is good, even when evil slithers amongst us.




One Response to “Batman, if only…”

  1. The Prof Says:

    It was on our minds when we went to see it this weekend. There was a donation bucket to aid those wounded in the massacre; I dropped a few bucks into it. I’m eager to discuss the movie with you at a later date. While the whole revived argument about guns is certainly worth having, despite what the FOX News talking points say, I will not address it here. Suffice to say, if a madman with no prior record decides in his own head that he wants to kill a great many strangers for no particular reason, he will almost certainly do so. The impulse, as always (and it is profoundly sad that there’s an “as always” here) is to try to make sense of a completely senseless act. I’m not even going to try.

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