If God Has A Plan, It Does Not Involve Shooting Children.

I have refrained from writing about the lying child killer George Zimmerman because I have strong opinions about him and until evidence is presented in court there is little for me to say that isn’t biased speculation and there’s already enough of that out there. However, last night the lying child killer was given a platform on the FOX News Puppet Show with Sean Hannity for an entire hour of coddling. Please indulge me and attempt to imagine Hannity trying to help America understand the point of view of a black man in his 20’s who shot a white teenager he thought didn’t belong in his neighborhood; yeah, funny enough, I can’t either.  However, in light of his assertion that he is a victim of God Zimmerman has given me something that I can address with authority.

George Zimmerman is the only entity that made any plans that led directly to the death of Trayvon Martin; he is the one who disregarded the instructions of the 911 operator, he is the one who decided to stalk and accost Trayvon Martin, he is the one who brought a loaded gun with him. It is difficult for this observer to see the Hand of God in any of these events as they are completely mundane and explainable in human terms. I find this defense to be more offensive than just crying ‘the devil made me do it’ because while it is overtly an evasion of responsibility it is also a backhanded attempt to slip a halo over his own head. While it may be true that he felt out of control of the situation and unable to comprehend his actions in the heat of the moment, this is because he is a panicky idiot who had no business walking around with a gun playing pretend cop, not an instrument of the Divine. He primed himself for a violent confrontation and found one; there is nothing extraordinary about that at all.

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