Dirty, dirty thoughts. (under the Venusian transit)


Yes, I know this has been here since last Monday but I have reached a point in my spiritual development where I don’t drop what I’m doing because a mouthbreather got some drool on my blog. I find it funny how racists are obsessed with caca-doody; for despite their terror of contamination they still manage to fill their own skulls with filth. This sort of ironic backwardness should be expected but still somehow manages to fill me with surprised delight the same way an infant enjoys a game of peek-a-boo.

I do apologize for the lack of updates, though. I have been lax, at least here in the virtual world. I’ve been busy as hell in the world of objects and human interaction, though, which has given me a chance to breathe and think and reclaim my humanity. I am not exaggerating. The luxury of thinking, of not responding to something on a screen, is quickly being forgotten, as all of our empty moments are being steadily filled with the blare and glare of games and quizzes and tunes and shows and polls and tweets that leave us stunned numb and staring dumb. If you are unfamiliar with E.M. Forster’s ‘The Machine Stops‘, I strongly recommend you remedy that situation. It would give you an excellent frame of reference, as he wrote it over a hundred years ago yet exquisitely describes our contemporary predicament.

This is not the rant of a hypocritical Luddite, though I am a hypocrite. I am as much a part of teh Internets and gaming culture as anyone and have been using computers 4 lulz since long before bbs and dial up connections and hung out at an arcade where they playtested games. What this means is that I am qualified to make this observation; smartphones and pads are turning all of you into pod people. I also think that the spike in autism may be due to television being an epigenetic trigger for the condition. However, I am not a doctor nor have I even graduated from college, so these are the unscientific rantings of a crank.

The brain is plastic, and with the technological developments of the past century we are stretching it in ways it was never designed to go. The spike in mental disorders in the population is not simply because of more aggressive diagnosis and awareness, though this must play some part in the numbers. And while there are many environmental factors to consider, from the advent of synthetic hormones or other modern toxins, the most prevalent and powerful influence on our thoughts is what you are reading this through right now, the screen. Consider the case of the introduction of American television in Fiji and how the rates of eating disorders went from nonexistent to American levels in 38 months. (I wonder if it would make sense to research the rates of autism and other disorders among blind people compared to other populations?)

Anyway, I just found ‘Duck Soup’ on Netflix.


I think that teachers are job creators.
I think that firemen are a sign of civilization.
I think that a working class hero is something to be.



Blue sky symmetry
balloons gather glinting bright
Venus transits Sol


2 Responses to “Dirty, dirty thoughts. (under the Venusian transit)”

  1. Filthy Hippie.
    (just thought I’d stroll by and call you names so you’d know I’m still paying attention!)

  2. Speaking of which, did I mention I shaved my head?

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