It’s Always Sunny In Post-Racial America (Stand Your Ground)

Take your pick; Tulsa, Trayvon, or The National Review.
There’s more, of course, because in Post-Racial America® , there is always a conversation, an argument, or a crazy rant about race going on somewhere. The problem is that the crazy rants have gone mainstream and the arguments are drowning out the conversation and there is a long hot summer ahead of the kind we haven’t seen in a generation. There’s no way to talk about this without getting personal because race is as personal as it gets; we are talking about people.

The way I see it is that there are currently seven billion individual humans on this planet, all of equal worth in the eye of God, each a perfect and holy child of Creation. There is no more significant genetic difference between the ‘races’ than there is between families or individuals; the concept of race is a purely cultural construct with no basis in reality. It is an illusion that soothes the ego and reinforces the hierarchical instinct. I realize not everyone else sees things this way and it will be quite some time before y’all come on across to me, but that’s okay. Once one views what we call race as a cultural reality as opposed to a biological one, it is impossible to go back any more than you can re-believe in Santa.


THIS JUST IN. I agree with the appropriateness of the charge and am relieved that Zimmerman has turned himself in without incident. There is too much speculation about what happened the night of February 26th, and what facts there are have been distorted through various media lenses. Now we will be able to have an answer in the only limited way that we humans can rationally claim to know and that will be through the process of a public trial.


Many of the conversations I have had and things I have read lately regarding the state of the cultural concept known as race have been wrenching and depressing experiences that have left me feeling like a physician watching a patient relapse or a sponsor watching an alcoholic relapse or a husband watching his pregnant wife relapse into shooting heroin. Yeah, that last one goes dark enough to cover it. I am not hopeless, however. The wound of racism in this country is deep and unhealed; the end of Jim Crow and other legal forms of discrimination and apartheid saved the patient and stopped the bleeding but the festering pus is swelling through the stitches and must be expelled.

We still have multiple cultural realities of race a century after Du Bois wrote ‘The Souls of Black Folk’ where he informed the world that multiple cultural realities exist. For example, there is the reality where a man who by all cultural standards is black is the President of the United States of America, and we have a reality where significant numbers of people think of the circumstances of his birth as miscegenation. This duality is difficult to appreciate for minds that dislike struggling with doubt and prefer to deny and dismiss ugly realities and embrace simplistic illusions. This is why they become agitated and defensive when the subject of race is brought up.

This excellent tweet merits quoting in full:
“Racial “guilt” easily ferments into hostility at inevitable absence of an “acquittal” that no one has the power to provide.”

Meditate on that, my friends. Then, discuss..

One Response to “It’s Always Sunny In Post-Racial America (Stand Your Ground)”

  1. post-racial America–now that’s an oxymoron if ever there was

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