It is not helpful to try and score political points against the President by exploiting the murder of someone’s child. As usual, Gingrich can’t think of being helpful to anyone but himself.

When has Geraldo Rivera ever been helpful? I don’t mean when he’s being helpful to Satan.

Shockingly, something associated with Glenn Beck isn’t helpful. You shall know them by their fruits and stuff.

The New Black Panther Party gets a disproportionate amount of press in the same way the Hillsboro Baptist Fanatics do; it is not difficult for a very small group of incredibly obnoxious people who are utterly shameless to grab media attention by shrieking inflammatory nonsense in public. The halfwit pseudo intellectuals like Newt know how to play for the cheap seats.  They provide grist for small minds to chew and clamor that silences the wise; these are the voices of riot and apocalypse that call for the end of civilization. They excite and provoke but carry no good news for anyone.

The heat of summer has come very early; today is the first day it hasn’t been in the 80’s all week. It’s going to be a long year, my friends.

ADDENDUM: On the West Coast, near San Diego 32 year old mother of Shaima Alawadi was beaten with a tire iron and left for dead with a note left on her that said, ‘go back to your country, you terrorist’. She was discovered by her 17 year old daughter. She died of her injuries Saturday.

Perhaps some cretins will blame her for wearing a hijab. Perhaps other mouthbreathers will point out that even though her husband and father worked as cultural advisers who train US soldiers for deployment in the Mideast, she might just really have been a sooperdooper top secret deep cover sleeper terrorist. Perhaps a clown will think it makes him sound presidential to pontificate about how it’s Obama’s fault.

They do not matter. They signify nothing more than static and noise.

My condolences and sympathies to Shaima’s family. May God’s love be upon you.

2 Responses to “EVERYBODY CHILL”

  1. Wow. Just a whole lot of hate going on here. What is with people? Rhetorical as I know that you wish that you knew, too. To say that I just don’t understand this country any more would be a gross understatement. To say that I just don’t understand the human race any more would be a very sad statement, indeed.

  2. My new post kind of carries on with this… we have a duality that is not coherent or compatible trying to occupy the same cultural space. Or, we’re trying to put ten pounds of shit into a five pound bag. It’s one of those…

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