Evil in the News

That Trayvon Martin’s killer is as of this writing a free man is a gross abrogation of justice and evidence of the obscene entrenchment of racism in our society. The facts of the case as published in the media and the 911 tapes are overwhelming evidence that Zimmerman’s story of self-defense cannot be accepted at face value. That the local authorities didn’t even arrest him for questioning is staggering beyond reason; it implies that they are either stupid enough to believe him or evil enough to let this Bernie Goetz fanboy to walk away from a cold blooded murder that he plotted and committed while on the phone with them.

Then of course, there is Syria, where a dictator is slaughtering his population while his fashionista fascist wife is shopping as best she can.Vladmir Putin, the man whose soulful eyes George Bush peered into, is providing support to the dictatorship. The accounts of what is happening to the people of Syria are evidence of evil let loose with mad abandon,

And in France it seems the gendarmes have evil under siege. One hopes, but it is but one head of a hydra  in any case.

2 Responses to “Evil in the News”

  1. You know, the hydra is very underutilized as a metaphor for our world, but oh, so appropriate, especially in connection with governments. We never seem to get it right, do we?

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