Mr Mozarts Magical Melody

Mr Mozarts' Magical Melody

ink on paper with additional ps processing

A bit of explanation-I was visiting my friends Sam and E  when their daughter Batman (this is how she demanded to be addressed) saw my sketchbook and asked me if I would draw her a picture. I said sure and asked her what she wanted me to draw and she said, ‘Mozart playing music’ and I was delighted. I whipped out the sketch and asked her if I could take it home and color it with pencils. I hadn’t actually finished it when I ran the sketchbook through the scanner and when I gave her the drawing it was complete. The crapping coloring job I did in ps is there to just sort of finish it off. I really just want Lily to see it because I know she’ll get a kick out of it.

One Response to “Mr Mozarts Magical Melody”

  1. How cool in so many ways: She wants to be addressed as Batman, and she asked for a picture of Mozart playing music. Now that’s a kid I could love.

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