Boys Against Girls (Letter 2 Lily)

Dear Lily,
Ironically, the thing that might work best for Vile Pigboy at this point would be to adopt the NPR pledge model. It would give him an opportunity to prove that his audience is really there. This way the Shittoheads could show their support for the angry voice coming out of the box without embarrassing themselves in front of women. Of course, since he has a history of narcotics abuse, it is not fair to expect him to have a coherent worldview or the business sense of a granola stand operator at Burning Man. What should really might finally do it, however, is if he loses his enormous government subsidy. The lesson here for all of us is that Rush Limbaugh talking about sex is not good radio no matter what.

Do you remember when we turned our backs on Henry Hyde? We thought the GOP was hostile towards women then; how were we to know those were the good old days? Generally things progress, and they have on many fronts, but the idea that there was a Congressional hearing on women’s health issues that barred women from speaking at this late date is unnerving. It made me think of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale‘. The anti-modernists are feeling desperate and bold with fanaticism; even as the majority of society has accepted the inherent equality between men and women the fundamentalists are doubling down. With the evaporation of moderate Conservatives the hard right has not just moved the goalposts, but changed the game itself. But we always knew that was going to happen; we’ve known these people up close and personal and understand that their ideology has more to do with their pathology more than any reasoned philosophy.

I started writing this a few days ago and it’s interesting to see how some of this stuff is playing out. I like the Doonesbury strips and although I’m not shocked by the censorship, it disgusts me. Of course, it doesn’t disgust me nearly as much as the law that it is satirizing. Despite the best efforts of idiots to negate the power of the word ‘rape’ through casual use, it is exactly the word to describe what Republicans of the Texas State Legislature are doing to women of that state. When you actually read the bill, which I bet you already have but if you haven’t, you must, it is worth noting both how concerned the author is with the physical and psychological details of the rape while remaining unconcerned with the financial expense of this medically unnecessary violation. On the other hand, I think the bill requiring an anal exam to get a Viagra prescription is hilarious. I bet the Vile Pigboy doesn’t, though.

My sister, when I see so many people displaying such ignorant hatefulness and behaving with such reckless anger I worry about the world. The herd is spooked and that is dangerous. Events could turn down strange unanticipated directions. It has been made perfectly clear by the right wing that they are not just looking to protect the tender feelings of the Catholic Bishops or whatever other lame cover they try to give themselves; they are waging a war on women in addition to war on the poor.  I know you are fighting a lonely fight over in West Mordor, and I want you to know that I am with you, always.

I hope this finds you still bold as love and louder than a bomb.


4 Responses to “Boys Against Girls (Letter 2 Lily)”

  1. I love you and you are one of my favorite feminists of all time. I have much more of a response in my head but have to go get ready to do battle on the public worker front… sigh.

  2. Love the reference to The Handmaid’s Tale, which is completely appropriate, given the context of recent political events. I had already seen those Doonesbury strips, and they are perfect. It’s like the classic Doonesbury that didn’t pull any punches with anything.

  3. In my mind I see a day where the absence of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity is met with munchkinite celebration.

    Of course, it would be short lived. Crazy people need someone to direct their insanity, and there are a hundred people willing to take up the torch.

  4. Lily-big smooch back atcha

    p-It’s a terrifying reference. That book was as scary as ‘1984’

    Huck-I totally agree. What they are doing isn’t any different from the Father Coughlin broadcasts or any other number of demagogues going back past Cleon. The fight is eternal.

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