Jumping For Dollars

A few friends of mine over the years have worked for a certain doctor’s office where a tradition at the holiday party consists of employees jumping to grab an envelope dangling from a clothesline strung across the restaurant (but more often in recent years, the office). The envelopes contain amounts from between fifty to a single dollar; whatever the employee grabs is the entirety of their holiday bonuses. After this spectacle, which the doctors chortle and catcall through, the doctors then play a game in which they compete to demonstrate that they can remember the names of all the office help. Morale was not helped recently when one of the doctor/owners screamed at the manager in the middle the office to fire more people so he can make more money.

Anyway, that’s what I thought of when I saw all the people going berserk shopping this weekend.

2 Responses to “Jumping For Dollars”

  1. Wow–guess I didn’t realize how lucky I had it. Our VP for academic affairs forces herself to remember our names.

  2. Wow. And I thought that I’d been to some really awful holiday parties. How absolutely horrendous. What asses . . .

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