I didn’t forget…


The point I was trying to make the other day can be summed up as such; the United Nations is a generally ineffective organization whose internal corruption fails to inspire confidence, let alone anything else. However, if we abolished it today, the world would still need a forum for international diplomacy and suchlike and would form it sometime after tomorrow morning. If the nationalists were really getting their way, the US might not even participate in the new organization, like with Wilson’s League of Nations. Such an outcome would demonstrably not be in the best interests of the US, regardless of what isolationists believe. So, when people bluster about abolishing the United Nations, they’re really not thinking things through.

The same can be said about eliminating FEMA and suchlike. The need for such government agencies is obvious and fully Constitutional under any reasonable reading of the document. The Framers were wise enough to understand that the nation they were creating would not remain locked in the late 18th Century forever and they left several provisions allowing for expansion of government powers into areas that they could not immediately foresee. The need for an agency that can quickly respond to massive casualty disasters is obvious; the problem of Katrina was that the local and state resources were utterly overwhelmed and the federal response was almost nothing (the Coast Guard did a bang-up job) due to political and administration mistakes and misjudgments. The lesson of Katrina is not that FEMA is useless but that FEMA is necessary and should be managed competently and efficiently and not played politics with.

Surely there’s inefficiency and waste at FEMA as well as any number of government agencies that could be cut. And there’s definitely a conversation to be had about the roles of the public and private sectors in our society and how we want these things to work. There are bear taxes and bear patrols to be found if one looks, but there are also very necessary functions that keep our society functioning. That’s what we need to talk about.

As always, thank you for your friendship and your thoughts.


One Response to “I didn’t forget…”

  1. A good place to start is the military. I notice we oftentimes have excess of things that are absolutely unnecessary, and are lacking in the bare minimums for operating. Unfortunately the amount of red tape and paperwork it takes to turn in things you don’t need and obtain the things you do is so excessive stuff is just left undone. Then there’s the end of FY rush to spend every dime left on your account before it’s locked out, it’s just absurd.

    What I don’t understand is if the DOD wastes money on some absolutely ridiculous things why is this even a question?


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