Days of Labor in the Life

It has been long since I’ve talked to you, Constant Reader. I’ve been busy elsewhere, but always you are here underneath my thoughts, and I catalog the interesting things I want to tell you about when I am gone long.

To begin with, RIP Stetson Kennedy, an American hero who exposed terrorists to the light of day.

I can’t believe I missed this. I really wanted her to autograph a clown statue for me.

Also, Stephen Segal would require a tank to kill a puppy as his most ferocious martial arts move involves getting tickled  by his ponytail. You know, it’s funny, because when I see him standing next to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it’s difficult to tell which is the bigger douchebag. My perspective goes all kasplooey; like how the moon looks bigger on the horizon even though it’s not.


This could be many things; a ripe example of conservative doublethink, an exercise in hyperbolic hypocrisy, the sobs of a crocodile. Please, read that. Then immediately read this. It seems Hugh Hewitt was just fine with NY Times digging into a Presidential Candidate’s religious beliefs then; could it be that a guy named Hugh Hewitt is a douchebag? How could that be?

I know I’m using this word a lot, and it troubles me as well because it is at best coarse and at worst rude, but it is most apt for describing the kind of ignorant arrogance that these men display; they talk tough but couldn’t bust a grape in a food fight. They are the chickenhawks who send other people’s children to die in wars, they are the actors who forget their crowns are made of cardboard, they get drunk on the tiniest sips of power and hustle people for money by telling them they can talk to their dead loved ones.

Fox: Fair and Balanced towards the Douchebag side of things. See? I can’t help myself.

No really, these people are just douchebags. As much as Palin has trotted her children out as human shields against criticism, you’d think that she’d at least say something about this. I mean, is Eric Golub that important a right wing entity that he can’t be called out for saying something this repugnant? Is the conservative impulse to close ranks this strong that all you have to do is say quasi-racist things about the President and then you can go hog wild on whatever you want? If this douchebag had said my child’s name while making this noxious joke, I would have removed him from the stage myself. That’s not tough talk.I find it interesting that CNN doesn’t mention the racist nature of his comments about the President. Stoopid liberul media.

Ron Paul=you guessed it. I mean, what do you say when the congressman whose district includes Galveston says that our response to hurricanes and natural disasters should be like in 1900? When one’s political opposites are making arguments that sound this openly deranged, it is difficult to rebut them because one does not know where to begin. That people in Galveston, or anywhere, will continue to vote for him is mind-boggling. This is a public servant that is telling the public that they shouldn’t even have warnings about storms let alone any expectation of help; that even through there is tremendous infrastructure and fantastic technology at our disposal, the greatest nation in the history of the world should not take steps to protect it’s citizens and their property from natural disaster. Ayn Rand is a hack novelist and a failed philosopher and I refuse to live in a world crafted by her disciples.

We need to win Congress back. We have sanity on our side. I love Bernie.

Ask yourself, if there’s no class warfare, why do you have to go here to read about this stuff?

I finished several paintings I’m very pleased with and will be posting them in days to come. I’ll have something to say this weekend I’m sure, as will the rest of the web. I’ve been moving at the speed of life, having adventures and solving mysteries as is my wont; I’m working on some big projects over the next few months but I’ll be sure to stay in touch. You are always with me.


3 Responses to “Days of Labor in the Life”

  1. I don’t believe Dr. Paul was saying we shouldn’t have a storm warning system. Read it again?

    “We should be coordinated but coordinated voluntarily with the states.”

    How you drew that conclusion is mind boggling.

  2. First, douche-bag (one word? hyphenated?) is a very usable word, and I think that your usage is very apropos. Second, I don’t want any clown dolls, autographed or otherwise. No thank you. What can I say about Segal that hasn’t already been said? Douchebag.

    I love Bernie Sanders, and that I am not at all surprised about the CEO pay sham says more than it should.

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