Corporations Are Imaginary Friends Run Amok

I tweeted the title of this post a couple of weeks ago, and Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin have been kind enough to make this irreverent observation a relevant riposte. If you are a thinking person, you will have noticed a change in the media and cultural landscape that has led to the muting of voices that ask certain questions, which makes it that much more extraordinary when one of the talking heads on the teevee starts speaking the obvious. This is because even though there is a right-wing media machine that marches in lockstep, the left-wing media machine that the right-wing is always screaming about doesn’t actually exist. What we have in America is a right wing media that nakedly campaigns for the GOP and a corporate media that trips over itself trying to appear ‘balanced’, but ends up tilting precariously to the right despite its most noble efforts.

Try to actually read these brief right-wing  screeds that attempt to address the unpleasant realities that most conservatives simply try to pretend aren’t there by shouting about homosexuals and the War on Christmas; here, Star Parker tries to explain some very unpleasant numbers. And here one of the Human Events hacks does his argument no favors on the topic of corporate personhood when he writes:

‘The United States already has brutally high corporate tax rates, and they’re one of the most regressive factors for economic and employment growth.  Imagine the explosion of business expansion and hiring that would occur if they were eliminated!’

When one looks at the basic tax rates on paper and nothing else, it is accurate to describe the US tax rate as ‘high’, as only Japan has a higher rate. However, when one considers the reality of loopholes in the tax code, what is actually paid by corporations in the lowest in the developed world. When you look at comparisons of GDP and corporate taxes, the graph is starkly obvious. If you aren’t convinced, here’s what Forbes has to say on it, and they can be considered friendly to corporations; according to their reporting, many of the most successful corporations don’t actually pay a dime to the US treasury while suckling down all sorts of goodies from the feds.

If conservatives seem particularly unhinged on this topic, it’s probably because even they get tired of carrying water for entities that would chew them up and spit them out without a thought. It can be very traumatic for a person to realize that their imaginary friend isn’t their friend at all. We need to be compassionate when explain to them that no matter how much they try to suck up, they aren’t going to get Globochem Industries to love them.


One Response to “Corporations Are Imaginary Friends Run Amok”

  1. I don’t know if you watched Jon Stewart last night, but he had a great segment on this topic. I think it’s sad when billionaires like Warren Buffet become the voices of reason regarding corporate and upper-level income taxation. I just don’t understand this country any more, and it saddens me beyond belief.

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