Teapartynomics 102: So, Now You’ve Done It.

If you are a proud member of the Tea Party, congratulations! You’ve just made America worse in a measurable, tangible way that we usually can’t directly attribute to political movements. Of course, there could be some debate as to who really owns this debacle, but I’m going with the theory that the people who repeatedly said they would be willing to default on debt and shut down the government had something to do with degrading the faith and credit of the United States. (Of course, there’s plenty of backpedaling and reality rewrites going on, and isn’t it neat how the lamestream leftwing media just uncritically regurgitates what Erik Erickson and Sarah Palin have to say? When’s the last time you read a Michael Moore column at CNN? Since I’m already in this parenthesis, here’s an essay by Clifford May that is an excellent example of conservative doublethink in action.)

One of my favorite metaphors for our civilization is that of a gigantic machine that we must keep constantly moving, for if it ever comes to a stop, most of the people on it will perish and it cannot be restarted. This is why it is dangerous to have ideologues operating the machine; they don’t fully understand or appreciate the machine they’re trying to operate (or in the case of the Tea Party, dismantle) and they don’t comprehend the catastrophic cost of miscalculation. This is why misinforming voters undermines Democracy; poorly informed people make poor decisions regardless of how much money they have.

Ten years ago there was a budget surplus. Ten years ago we started cutting taxes like crazy. We entered two very expensive wars and kept cutting taxes. We cut rules and regulations on banking and real estate and the system collapsed; we bailed out the banks and Wall Street and we kept cutting taxes. Now the wealthiest people have been  making enormous gains and corporate profits are at an all time high. So, naturally, we have blamed public employee unions for the terrible economic situation and will cut up their contracts and replace them with temp workers where possible. Surely that will make things better; it will certainly break down the middle class even further, which clearly is what the Tea Party is striving to do, right?

It’s a lovely seventy degrees and clear here in Chicago today, but this is one of the hottest crazy summers I’ve ever seen, and I’m not just talking about the weather. The violence in the UK should be unsettling to anyone living in a civilization, and it’s not the only place on Earth that has a claim to the crown of crazytown. The masks are slipping off and the racism and homophobia are getting up in our faces; the devil is getting bold.


2 Responses to “Teapartynomics 102: So, Now You’ve Done It.”

  1. I think the only way “regular” people aren’t scared or angry is because they are deliberately ignoring what is going on around them. That’s getting harder and harder to do!

    Just go to the grocery store and see people try to figure out how they’re going to stretch their budget and get their family fed for the week… or a senior citizen compare prices on canned goods.
    Gas & groceries are getting higher and higher but job availability & paychecks aren’t!!

    What is the auto-response of these people? Blame Obama. They just say it by rote now… with no idea WTF they’re talking about. Truly sad.

  2. I think that your closing comments about what’s happening in the UK are very astute. I just don’t understand why more people in this country aren’t up in arms over our current economic situation. And I have to admit that my respect for Obama and the dems is at an all-time low as they seem to have taken on the personae of possums–rolling over and playing dead, but forgetting to get back up again.

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