In the name of family values, we must ask, ‘whose family’?

Hege and Toril were having dinner across from the island where Anders Brevik was murdering 69 people when they heard the screams and gunshots coming from the opposite shore; they got in their boat and sailed towards the island. They went back four times, rescuing 40 young people from the water; they noticed bullet holes in the boat. They displayed the sort of selfless bravery under fire that can only be described as heroic. They are a married lesbian couple, and the Catholic Church would not allow this pair to adopt one of the children in their care. Instead, the Catholic Church entrusts their children to people like this. It’s important to note that the monster in that last link is a married man, not a homosexual. Often acts of criminal depravity are conflated with homosexuality by those who condemn homosexuality but defend predators, so it seems necessary to underline that fact.

Today I had lunch with a friend who is contemplating starting a family, and one of the options on the table is adoption. They are worried about being able to adequately provide for a child, which is understandable. But they are worried about affording a college education and that sort of thing; for contrast, there were twelve kids running around this house. Looking at the four people in those mugshots, it’s easy to imagine their family tree is a stump that should have been uprooted long ago; when you treat children of your own blood like this you are an evolutionary dead-end. The Utah public school system reported them to child welfare authorities but before anything could be done they fled to Arizona and ‘home schooled’ the kids. In other words, they took their abuse victims out of sight where people wouldn’t notice the evidence. Ame had taken a popsicle without permission and was padlocked into a trunk and left in the Phoenix heat where she suffocated. Without equivocation or hesitation I urge my friends to start adopting.

The Culture Wars have escalated sharply even as the mainstream has largely accepted homosexuality and multicultural perspectives. One of the least argued aspects of the divide is the concept of the rights of children. The United States and Somalia remain the only nations that have ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and it looks like Somalia might actually get around to it before we do. While it may seem obvious to say that children are not chattel and are entitled to basic human rights, there are those who argue against that. They do not convince me.

8 Responses to “In the name of family values, we must ask, ‘whose family’?”

  1. marymayweather Says:

    Pfft, why should children have their rights codified before women, who’ve been waiting on the ERA since 1972?

  2. Is it because women only exist to produce children? I’m guessing here.

  3. Those mugshots are revelations: Do you believe that some people just exude evil? I try not to think in those terms, but I swear those four people are just plain evil. And again I ask myself, why do some people have children only to torture, abuse, and kill them, while others, those who can offer love and safety, are refused simply because of a category?

    It makes me kvetch and wretch simultaneously, which is quite painful, I can assure you.

  4. Because if the world was made on purpose by anybody, it was the devil.

  5. Those four look so unnatural, I do think they’re inbred. Especially considering the excessive uses of the term “uncle” and “aunt” to describe the poor child’s relatives, and the mystery regarding her parental origin.

    They (police) may know more than they’re letting on but would rather not let the information out as it would probably just make matters worse.

    • I spoke too soon as usual. After some research I now know a little more about the family situation. Those four are still wicked ugly though, I hope they get what’s coming to them. Monsters.

  6. They definitely have an interesting look. We all can be forgiven for entertaining that thought.

  7. I have a vivid imagination and a nasty streak a mile long, and for the life of me I cannot envision a punishment cruel or unusual enough to cover what those four people did. I do, however, feel that I’d have a great time trying.

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