Oh, let’s just do what the dipshits want. Again. Because it’s worked out so well.

The dipshits got their way in the 2000 election debacle. They got their way in 2004, too. That worked out just great for everybody, right? Because then we went ahead and did what the dipshits wanted and went to war in Iraq. For the weapons of blah blah that were never there. The dipshits still insist that there were weapons there, but they believe that because they’re dipshits, and dipshits can never admit when they’re wrong. It wasn’t just the Iraq war, either. For the past ten years the dipshits have been getting their way on just about everything; it was the dipshits that deregulated the banking industry, and it was the dipshits who put that one dipshit in charge of FEMA. It’s the dipshits that tell us it’s a good idea to drill, baby, drill, because only a complete dipshit can believe that there is nothing wrong with the climate. It’s the dipshits who want to eliminate the public schools if they can’t get them to teach dipshit ideas like Creationism. It was the dipshits who took a budget surplus and drove the economy to meltdown in less than eight years, and it was the dipshits who panicked and gave the treasury to the banks. But the dipshits were clever about one thing; they are  pinning it on the black guy.

Now the dipshits want to finish off the job of dragging the United States of America from it’s majestic late-20th Century peak to some filthy 19th Century valley. In the next week, if they can keep up the good work, the dipshits may actually be able to trigger a financial meltdown so profound that it will undo the New Deal. From there, it’s only a couple of pointless wars and a plague or two and we will be in the promised land of Thunderdome.

Those dipshit Hummers will come in handy then, I bet.


I know just a few days ago I was talking about not using the term ‘Teabaggers’ and whatever. Things change. These people are dipshits, and they’re going to fuck up all of our lives.

Also, fuck you, Grandpa Hatey.

6 Responses to “Oh, let’s just do what the dipshits want. Again. Because it’s worked out so well.”

  1. Let’s take a stand and say “No!” to dipshits.

    Also if you take a look at history some very terrible things have happened on “August the second”. I see it as a sign of things to come.

  2. Aside from the signing of the Declaration of Independence, there was some pretty nasty stuff… I don’t believe in omens, but I do think Caesar would have been better off staying home on the Ides of March…

  3. Amazing that I overlooked the signing of the Declaration of Independence on the second of August… It is still a date of which I share some very personal connections (and vendetta’s). I am not superstitious but some very strange things have aligned on this date for me.

  4. I think my corresponding dates are February and July 8th… I wouldn’t call them vendetta’s anymore, but they are their own personal anniversaries… As I get older, though, those kinds of anniversaries add up to the point where the days that don’t have some significant memory attached to them are almost their own holidays.

  5. The Prof Says:

    You sound rather angry, sir. Perhaps this national aneurysm we’re currently having will lower the ceiling of our patience for dipshittery.

    Oh, wait–I hear tell Rick Perry will enter the presidential race. Never mind.

  6. Pat Buchanan is a douche-bag of the first class, and I really wish that he would go far, far away. But of course, people such as him never go away; they just keep getting platform from which to spew their stupid, bigoted bullshit.

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