Allen West is a vile and despicable man.

This could not be more literally a ‘she said‘, ‘he said‘ kind of an argument; what is  telling is that she is simply speaking facts and he is flipping his whig because he doesn’t want his constituents to know what he is doing. This is a theme with West; his Tea Party* supporters call him a ‘war hero’ but it’s certainly not as simple as that. Generally speaking, war heroes don’t resign from the military to avoid prosecution for torturing civilians. But then, hysterical overreaction is something of a theme with this crowd; they get drunk from the very tiniest sips of power, and they go completely berserk when anyone notices they have no idea what they’re talking about. It is no small accomplishment to so erase one’s sense of irony so that it becomes possible to worry about ‘Shari’a Islamic Law**’ being imposed on the citizens of the United States while simultaneously attempting to impose Christian Fundamentalism on the United States. It’s kind of like how they shout about loving the Constitution more than the rest of us but all they want to do is subvert and rewrite it.

*Out of respect for friends who associate themselves with the Tea Party I don’t use the term ‘Teabagger’ because they don’t want me to (Even if they they used it first themselves). However, ‘Tea Party Party’ doesn’t make much sense either, but they use ‘Tea Party’ in the same way as we use ‘Republican’,  ‘Democratic’, or even ‘Green’. It’s the same sort of linguistic nonsense as when the same people start ranting about…

**’Shari’a Islamic Law’ is not a real thing. It is yet another cultural misunderstanding mutated by malice into something all its own. For one thing, the speaking that phrase is kind of like saying ‘Islamic law Islamic law’, for another, Sharia is not what the people who are afraid of it is. But ignorance is nothing new, and demagogues  exploiting the ignorant is the way of the world.

7 Responses to “Allen West is a vile and despicable man.”

  1. The Prof Says:

    Oh, dear. Well, that Arizona town’s ordinance won’t hold up in any court if somebody actually challenges it. Which is true of a lot of Tea-Party-inspired laws. But for the City Council to ban other groups because it might promote “discourse?” Um, that’s just way beyond the pale.

  2. I heard about this jackass’s tirade against Wasserman-Shultz. What she said was not at all personal. He is a jerk, and the reactions by female legislators is spot on: If he were in a private workplace, he would be up on harrassment charges. Pig.

    And sorry, but I cannot give up tea bagger . . . they coined it, so they should own it.

  3. The Prof Says:

    Florida is facing some redistricting, and West’s electorate will change pretty dramatically. He may yet have to answer for it.

  4. Out of disrespect (not for your friends but their very poor decision to be involved in this nutty campaign):



  5. I believe this Iraqi police officer may have been a victim, as well as the combatant commander. The ideology of hatred we’re facing has equally victimized both sides of this conflict. There are no easy solutions to the problems you’re faced in a theater of war. I have faith that LtCol West’s utmost priority was the safety of those in his command, but when confronted with this predestined dilemma his true character was shown. I have respect for any man that served in such a taxing situation as his, and while I can attempt to understand the decisions he made, I cannot fully justify them.

    It’s unfortunate that the enemy we face resorts to such dire tactics that at times we feel compelled to push the boundaries of our own values in the hopes of saving the lives of our countrymen.

  6. I would judge West much less harshly if he hadn’t tried to parlay that experience into political capital; the fog of war obscures a lot. The way he comes off in that telling of the story he sounds like Captain Queeg to me; I’m sure that when he tells it it has a different tone,

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