Nothing to Celebrate.

While it is good news that the launch of Atlantis went well today, the end of the US manned space program is not (the robotic space plane doesn’t count). Of course, there are plans for a new vehicle, and I always thought that the shuttle was the wrong vehicle for the wrong job, but at least it was something, and in this age of slashed budgets a new manned space program looks mighty vulnerable.

The thing is that there isn’t an actual unresolvable budget crisis; the solutions are obvious if one is not an irrational ideologue. Perhaps it is spurious to assert that there is a connection between the end of US manned spaceflight and the rise of the irrational ideologue in our public discourse, but more spurious connections are being made by people who are being talked about as being ‘serious’ presidential contenders.

Also, when do we get to call this class warfare?

5 Responses to “Nothing to Celebrate.”

  1. I think that it’s so sad that the manned space program is going away. I realize that budget cuts have to be made, but we just never seem to make them in the right places. I know where we could save a kajillion dollars right off the bat . . .

  2. Last night I was talking with Miss Mayweather and I noted that we’re prosecuting Roger Clemens for lying to Congress, but Paul Wolfowitz said with a straight face that the Iraq invasion would cost no more than a billion dollars. When does his trial start?

  3. That last comment was too long for twitter. No wonder our discourse is so coarse…

  4. Seriously, a billion dollars? I had no idea. I must be misinformed. Well if that’s all that it cost . . . let’s do it twice, leave it unfinished the first time, and go back just because we can.

  5. Yeah, he said that other countries were going to pitch in and that oil revenues would pay for the reconstruction…

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