Your Dichotomies Suit You

Kenny, the reason I accepted your teachings on pacifism and non violence, specifically regarding the death penalty, is because you also helped educate me about the military; I even gave vegetarianism a go but that only lasted a little longer than a haircut. Your perspective was informed from up close experience as well as a nuanced grasp of morality, and you also gave me some great books to read; you brought me around, that’s for sure. Struggle builds understanding, and perhaps that’s why ours is so clear; we have certainly struggled together many times throughout our lives. That must be why your dichotomies seem natural to me, a smooth whole, if you will.

Tell me, am I a bad person for finding that previous sentence obscenely hilarious for no clear reason? Unnerving. Anyway. You are one of the moral compasses I have in this world because you follow your instinctual sense of compassion; the dichotomies of your character cancel each other out leaving you to think for yourself. Although I like you in the collar, it does not nearly impress me as much as the man who wears it.

3 Responses to “Your Dichotomies Suit You”

  1. thanks

  2. I am completely without context, but found that quite elegant (if the bit about cancelling dichotomies a touch illogical).

  3. Thanks. I like your blog!
    Aren’t we all without context most of the time?
    If you knew Kenny like I know Kenny the logical confusion would vanish in a bampf of intuition.

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