That’s a hell of a headline. It really did happen.

Osama bin Laden didn’t  want to be a martyr. He wanted other people to do that for him so that he could turn the world into his idealized version of the 8th century. He wanted to annihilate modernity and bury the human spirit in the darkness of his vision. He wanted to burn down civilization and remake it in his image.To this end, he deformed the course of history in the way that assassins and terrorists do, which is no accomplishment whatsoever.

I’m watching the reaction outside the White House, and it is intense. The way the emotions crest is primal, a tribal rhythm pulsing, a chanting collective. I didn’t expect any of this, that’s for sure. I badly need to sleep. Good night.


  1. I had many thoughts on this that I wish I had time to turn into a larger piece. But, alas fatherhood precludes writing time! This morning two pieces of Scripture popped onto my screen from various sources and I think they sum up my feelings fairly well. I’m usually not one to quote scripture, but extraordinary events…

    1. Proverbs 24:17 is right up there too., ‘Do not gloat when your enemy falls; when he stumbles, do not let your heart rejoice.’

    2. ‘As surely as I live, declares the Sovereign LORD, I take no pleasure in the death of the wicked, but rather that they turn from their ways and live. Turn!’ Ezekiel 33:11

    As I posted in another forum: I am certainly pleased that Bin Laden has met justice. I also applaud the US government’s tenacity in going after him. I am proud of the CIA and SOCOM forces and their efficiency and skill. I am pleased that none of them were hurt. But as a Christian, I can only be saddened that the only resolution that seemed possible was a violent one. I am a follower of Christ, the ultimate peacemaker. I also appreciate the teachings of the Buddha, Ghandi The Bab (correct me if I have the name wrong please ) who’s voices cry out for peace and non-violence. While I am very pleased that Bin Laden’s ability to spread violence is ended, I can only be saddened by the entire thing. There has been to much killing, too much death. If we could only spend as much time and effort figuring out how to wage peace as we do war, perhaps this world would be a better place.

  2. I always forget to hit notify me before I post. Sorry!

  3. […] Brother Kenny demonstrates why I have always found him to be an excellent conscience. Sister Anna writes (from a longer email) ‘I’m afraid that the rippling sensations that I’m experiencing are those of panic, the sense that the hydra of war will not just keep growing heads but heads with extra teeth and fangs… …Any advice, Winston, for Left Coasters sensing the rumblings of doom emanating from other parts of the continents, the globe?’ […]

  4. Very mixed feelings about all of this, but a genuine sense of pride that the SEAL team is from my area. SEALS are bamfs.

  5. I read several other pieces by that individual as I find his viewpoint fascinatingly idiosyncratic; it ultimately lead me to bookmark the site. Needless to say I disagree with many of his assumptions and interpretations of fact in the above essay specifically and based on my reading of his other pieces I find his philosophical perspective to be a strange blend of naive cynicism. The cynicism should be obvious to anyone who reads the above link, but the navete really flows in pieces such as this. He comes off as a useful idiot for Tehran, and for me to say that is quite remarkable indeed for I am no useless idiot like Glenn Beck.

    I realize this was kind of an argumentum ad hominem but to be fair, he was just being a big ol’ Negative Nancy anway…

    • I have trouble swallowing any sizable pill the governmedia-complex prescribes. Boy scout troop lost in the woods? I’ll buy. International terrorist taken out after ten year manhunt, timed flawlessly to propel incumbent towards successful election? I’m skeptical.

  6. ‘Timed flawlessly’? Anything closer to Halloween of next year would have been more beneficial. Nobody else has even announced yet. The Taliban and Al Qaida have accepted that Osama is dead; why can’t American conservatives?

    • Flawlessly was poor word choice, I rescind that. Also, I don’t think my conservatism has anything to do with my opinion at all. On 9/11 the sun rose on this age of manipulation. After years of watching America bend and break at the will of those deviant schemers Rove and Cheney I’m naturally mistrustful. Certainly you can respect that.

  7. I respect your opinion; it’s cynicism I object to. Rove and Cheney didn’t invent it any more than 9/11 destroyed irony. The age of manipulation began a couple of thousand years ago with the invention of democracy; Machiavelli wrote the handbook; the Hearst Newspapers incited a war with a free press a hundred years ago, the Soviets were faking photographic evidence in the twenties, (is it a coincidence that three of the most influential filmmakers were all propagandists?) and the only recent improvements to the art have been technical refinements. Instead of marble, our propaganda is crafted digitally. Just because lies have grown more sophisticated that does not mean there are no truths; reality still is.
    There is also a difference between legitimate intelligence actions and the dissemination of propaganda for political agendas under the guise of national security. The difficulty is having a meaningful conversation about them.

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